Biosolutions, LLC

About Us

WaterBiosolutions, LLC and the analysts are approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to provide drinking water analyses for general water chemistry, coliform bacteria and metals.  Our public drinking water customers include villages, homeowners associations, mobile and home parks and condominium associations that share one or more common wells.  Restaurants, churches, schools and other public water systems are also customers. 

We provide coliform analyses for homeowners on individual wells who need the result to sell their house.  We serve a variety of industrial customers for wastewater compliance monitoring and to improve wastewater system performance.  We continue to provide water and water deposit analyses to representatives who serve clients with commercial, institutional, and industrial boilers and cooling systems.  We work with industries that use cutting fluids and various other industrial compounds to troubleshoot when surprising mixtures occur in process waters or wastewaters.

Biosolutions was registered as a trade name in Ohio in 1994 to consult in wastewater microbiology.  People working at Biosolutions, LLC have formerly worked in the boiler and cooling water treatment industry at Mogul Corporation and succeeding companies, Dexter Water Management Systems, Diversey Water Technologies, Nalco Diversified Technologies.   When Nalco closed the Chagrin Falls, Ohio service laboratory in February, 2002, Biosolutions, LLC purchased the equipment and continued to serve the customers.